A Professional Japan… KIZENDO INC.

A Professional Japan… KIZENDO INC.

Middle East has just welcomed yet another professional skin care line from the beauty orient of the world; Japan. Kizendo Inc is a Japanese skin care brand which offers 100% natural products and distributed by Japan Souq in Middle East. Along with skincare line, the brand offers variety of green tea having amazing health benefits to help you from the inside out. The range consists of four products that have been introduced in January of 2019. The brand launched at an extremely competitive market offering high quality do what they say, 100% natural, kind to your skin while ensuring you don’t break the bank looking after our precious skin or for that matter assisting your overall health and well-being. The brand uses ALL-J within the names for each product which stands for “All ingredients in &from the Japan” which we loved as a user-friendly marketing strategy.

1. Kizendo Inc.  Moisture Gel Cream

This is a product introduced as an all in one moisturizer and anti- aging gel. Hanna used the product both day and night over a one-month period. ‘My skin is extremely sensitive and with a particular medication I am on which tends to dry my skin; I found it was able to maintain my skin’s moisture throughout the day, while not feeling sticky on application or at any time. I also found the gel excellent when I had applied make up over the top and at no time felt my skin dry or tight throughout the day. When used as a night application or directly after a hot shower I like the way when my pores were open and exposed the Gel just did not get soaked in to my skin and cause any discomfort or tightness. The fragrance of the Gel is extremely light and is not in any way off putting or heavy. In relation to the anti-aging, well I loved the way the product was working so that made me feel five years younger. On a serious note the product being 100% natural and containing products such as Soya bean, a natural product known to aid in anti-aging by producing phytoestrogens that helps the body produce higher levels of Estrogen. Soya also has a high concentrate of vitamin E that helps renewing dead skin cells and also helps the formation of new cells making the skin look lighter and radiant. For me I have found a product that works, 100% natural, kind to my skin kind to my pocket that will suit day and night use for most skin types from dry to oily or even a combination skin profile.’

2. Kizendo Inc. Moist Rich Eye Multi V Concentrate

We used this product alongside the moisturizing gel and tested it also for a full month. We all know that by having our eye area look and feel fresh and younger looking; it can transform the whole impression of the face. The problems mostly found in the eye area range from wrinkles, sagging under the eyes, dark circles, dryness and sagging of the upper eyelids. The causes of eye issues are wide and varied and it is always a very sensitive area, so having concerns about eye products is common. First of all, we always prefer to use natural products so being a 100% natura, Kizendo Inc. Eye Cream meets the first criteria. It has number of qualities such as richness in vitamins A, E, C and K. These are all associated in anti-aging products. It also has some natural ingredients such as Chardonnay (grape fruit extract) used for dryness, or Camellia oil used to ensure it has a high water holding quality maintaining moisture and reducing the dark patches around the eyes. We can say that this product delivered the most necessary requirements of an eye product which are being light, not sticky, easily absorbed and leaving eye area feeling lighter and brighter. There weren’t any dark patches while using the product and had no adverse reactions or irritation.

3. Kizendo Inc. Rich Skin Cleansing Oil

A cleanser is the most essential skin care product to maintain a healthy and clean skin, so it is the most often used product for almost everybody. We are all looking for a cleanser that cleans the makeup easily and cleanly, while ensuring having a moisturizing effect. Kizendo Inc Rich Cleansing Oil is a thick and smooth which ensures it lifts and removes even thickly applied waterproof make up. The texture of the oil leaves the skin feeling smooth and clean. There is no irritation feeling and only small amount each time is enough to clean. The fragrance of the oil felt refreshing and light and was a not overpowering at the end of a busy day. Once again it has products such as Soybean and Camellia oil. Totally natural and once again we are satisfied with the product that makes us feel a comfortable skin. And it is affordable and natural.

4. Kizendo Inc. Smooth Rich Skin Facial Soap

When you are the type who likes washing your face along with using a product cleaning your skin with a fresh impact, the facial soaps are one of your favorite skincare products. We were delighted to try Kizendo Inc Facial Soap and ending up with a fresh and cleanliness feeling left on our skin. Generally, there are many qualities we look for in a good soap; moisturizing, pore care effect, exfoliation effect, refreshed feeling and acne care effect in some cases. This soap forms a fine sticky lather that lifts dirt cleaning pores and leaving you immensely refreshed. After washing, it leaves your skin feeling moist and refreshed. 100% natural ingredients such as the Camellia Sinensis seed and the Golden silk cocoon. It is a low scented product so that was pleasant and not overpowering. Such a special soap cannot be compared with a normal bar of soap for price, so we were satisfied with the price too. Our skin is precious so look after it now before time catches up with us all.

Overall Kizendo Inc skincare products, ALL-J, made in Japan from 100% natural with various effective ingredients. Look after yourself and let Kizendo Inc. products look after your skin.